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Johnathan Bragg


As a graduated Business Administration student with a solid network and the needed experience in his field Johnathan is responsible for a huge portion of the business side of El Silo’s career.
As the general day to day manager he literally got his hands in everything that’s El Silo related:

He forms new connections in his artist’s behalf, has a supervising role into everything that happens around El Silo, Makes sure that El Silo gets marketed properly, makes sure that the process goes the right direction and even helps with investing whenever it’s needed.

El Silo has made a huge skyrocket in terms of overall streams/views and revenue since Johnathan got hired as the official manager of the team. Seeing all these results, we can only say that
with Johnathan as the head of the business department of the El Silo Team, El Silo’s future as an artist looks more than clear.

Rammah Karpous

Web developer

With all the knowledge and specialism that is relevant to the digital world of programming and web developing, Rammah forms the strongest power behind the presence of the website.

Everything that you can see on the website is fully programmed by him, which makes him an indispensable key player inside of El Silo’s team.

The fact that he’s still in university and thus still gaining more knowledge and experience everyday makes him a team player that’s decent to keep for the next years. This doesn’t only promise a clear future for the team as a whole but to his personal career as well.

Beat Heaven Music Factory Recording


Having musical talent is the most important thing to possess when it comes to creating good music, but without a professional recording team that makes sure that everything gets recorded using the right equipment to achieve the best quality it’s impossible to make listen-worthy music.
Because of this, the recording team plays a role that is so important that other team members wouldn’t even be able to do their job if this team wasn’t in the picture.

The engineers at Beat Heaven also possess a very big network besides of only being masters in their recording art. Because of this they form a very important key factor in the amount of opportunities that the El Silo Team gets thrown at.

Tyler Butler (TNB Beatz)

Producer & Mix/Master engineer

Tyler is responsible for the Mixing and Mastering process. He is also the creative power behind most of the instrumentals El Silo decides to rhyme/sing on. Possessing all this creative power, experience and knowledge in what he does he was responsible for a very critical part of El Silo’s hit success ‘One of Em’, which gathered over 200.000 streams/views in total, while having teens from all over the world swinging their hips in name of the #ElSiloChallenge last summer.

With beats made for notable artists like T.I., The Game and Riff Raff we can easily say that Tyler is anything but an inessential key inside of El Silo’s crew. Next time when you catch yourself yelling to your friend that you really vibe on the instrumental of an El Silo song then you know who was most likely responsible for it!

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