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El Silo is a new school type of rapper who is mainly known for his catchy and smooth trap influenced love songs. This has gathered him a big fan base among the female audience. many describe his style as a unique and harmonious mix between rapping and singing.

Not a lot of background information is known about the young artist which helped him to create a mystery around his presence. Basic and general information such as his age, ethnicity, birth name, musical influence and even the look of his eyes still remain completely unknown to the people around him. A good friend once stated it very clearly: ‘We know El Silo for years but we still have no idea who El Silo really is.’

He booked his first success in the rap industry around October 2016 with his club banger release called ‘I’m In’ which gathered thousands of views in the first day alone. This success was highly driven by the repetitiveness and contemporary vibes of the song. However, the song was still removed from all the music platforms where it had been released on after a few months. The reason for this was the fact that the song didn’t fit in the direction El Silo wanted to go with his musical career.

He followed it up with a new release called ‘One Of Em’ which would gather much more success and attention than ‘I’m In’. The song gathered more than 50.000 views on its official music video on YouTube in the first week alone and even made several record labels being interested in signing the mysterious artist.

It was just a few weeks later after the release of ‘One Of Em’ when El Silo shocked his fans and peers with the success of his dance & rap challenge called the #ElSiloChallenge. The challenge went viral on Instagram and even had notable Hip Hop dancers like Aspect Zavi and Matt Swagg jumping on board.

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